For me style is a way of being. That word or adjective we use to describe what makes something or someone unique. It defines the way we choose to express our individuality across all facets of life. Fashion, career, communication, cooking the list is endless. It clicked when I realized how popular language such as urban slang, ad

ages and “coined” phrases have been catalysts in influencing style and trends. Every word we speak and idea we have is a potential style as I observe in amazement how human creativity can transform people places things and even the abstract into a look or process for achieving a personal presentation. Boy shorts, boyfriend jeans, baby doll dress, wife beaters.

The realization itself is quite inspiring as it reveals the countless forms of expression available to the individual along with those yet to be defined as creativity and language evolve. For example, MEin5D can become more than just a fashion concept if accepted as a lifestyle applicable to daily living, interior design, art etc. One may agree that being human is a style of existence based on the simple observance that we co-exist with and among varied forms of life. Each non-human “life”style comprising their own levels of complexity and expression. Labels and titles have a way of imposing generic and constraining images. Model, designer, salesman, doctor, parent. Style frees us to create our unique way and process of living (expressing) these ideas. A designer’s style can be whimsical, industrial, chic, urban, feminine as defined by the creator. We truly are powerful! Personal style defines how the world comes to know and identity our individuality and creative work. Style is indispensable to the human condition.

What’s your Style? Use personality inspired MEin5D Style Guides to help define your personal style.

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