Paris vs. Iconic Southern Style

In my experience Paris is more the city of sex than love but that doesn’t mean the typical Parisian ensemble doesn’t live up to the reputation of the capital de Chic. So what is chic? The vague definition defines chic as, 1. attractive and fashionable or stylish 2. style and elegance, especially in dress. Bottom line, Chic is Stylish. Now that we’ve cleared that up, while putting into perspective the dramatic change of scenery of my relocation from the Paris Fashion scene to the Raleigh/Durham region I suddenly realized that southern girls are chic too!   As I gleamed with pride I began to think more and more about how Paris and the south have so many things in common. Both cultures are stubborn, proud, rooted in long standing tradition and the honor that comes along with heritage. So as I’m anxiously awaiting Triangle Fashion Week to discover what modern southern style is all about I’ll leave you with a quick comparison of Parisian vs. Iconic Southern Style.

Traditional Parisian Chic

A subtle, understated elegance in streamlined thinning silhouettes using black, neutral and muted palettes

Iconic Southern Chic

Feminine yet dramatic gracefulness in shapely silhouettes using bold colors, floral prints and layered fringe. Sundresses, Sundresses, Sundresses!!!

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