As NYC Fashion Week wraps up, everyone is itching for what will be next season’s newest and boldest trends. For me, just one word sums up what you will need in your wardrobe next Spring: Color, Color and more Color! Possibly connected to the almost depression-like state of the economy, for Spring 2012 designers are… Read & Share >>

Paris vs. Iconic Southern Style In my experience Paris is more the city of sex than love but that doesn’t mean the typical Parisian ensemble doesn’t live up to the reputation of the capital de Chic. So what is chic? The vague definition defines chic as, 1. attractive and fashionable or stylish 2. style… Read & Share >>

For Spring 2011 design duo Leon Rose Magma presents aquatic and marine inspired clothing jewelry, lingerie, ready-to-wear and accessories for men and women. Editors pick for MEin5D Style Guides 11 &  12. Pour Printemps 2011 le duo Léon Rose Magma présente les bijoux de vêtements, lingerie, prêt-à-porter et accessoires inspiré de l’univers aquatique et marin.… Read & Share >>

For Spring Summer 2011 the French fashion brand Sev Sevad’s handmade leather creations explore the feather and its many forms. The collection is comprised of jewelry, accessories and ready to wear presented in a seasonal palette of light neutral pinks, blues and designer Severine’s signature black. Pour la saison Printemps-Été 2011 les créations fait-main en… Read & Share >>

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